This website provides a private work space for ICB members, and also provides public information on the positions of the ICB and the topics currently being discussed. Please also refer to the European Commission Website for public information on the ICB.

As part of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative the European Commission was required to establish the Industry Consultation Body (ICB) to provide the consultation mechanism needed to support SES implementation. The ICB is a platform for the definition of the future ATM strategy and its implementation, and provides all major stakeholders in the European Air Traffic Management Industry (ATM) with an opportunity to express their views to the Commission and the Member States. The principal task of the ICB is to provide strategic, planning and technical advice to the European Commission.

The ICB has developed its own long term vision for achieving the Single European Sky which reflects the views of various stakeholder groups. This is complemented by the identification of the top 10 risks to implementing the SES. The ICB is currently revisiting the premise of the ICB Risk Register and is adapting the framework from Risk Management to Risk Awareness. The work is being carried out over the course of 2016, and an updated paper will be available early in 2017. These documents are used to shape the ICB's Work Programme for the year and inform the ICB's response for future initiatives.

Other management documents related to the ICB are available here


ICB Chair: Olaf Dlugi
ICB Vice Chair: Patricia Bier